Domestic Battery Order Of Protection

Domestic Battery Charges

The Brasuell Law Firm, in Little Rock, understands the delicate nature of domestic violence and battery cases in Arkansas. Domestic battery incidents often occur between couples or family members after a heated argument goes too far.

The presence of the police can make the situation even more stressful. However, it is important to recognize you rights if you are involved in a domestic violence altercation.

You have the right to hire an attorney after being charged with a misdemeanor offense. Do not just pay the fine. We will protect your rights and work hard to find the best outcome in your case.

Consequences of a Conviction

Even a misdemeanor domestic battery conviction can have collateral consequences, including the loss of your right to own a gun, having a criminal conviction show up on a background check and being prohibited from having any contact with the victim.

A no-contact order of protection can make life very difficult, especially if you live with the victim. An order of protection violation can result in criminal charges that can only make matters worse.

The Brasuell Law Firm Understands the Challenges You Face

Domestic battery incidents often arise in the course of divorce. My knowledge of civil issues helps me address both your criminal and civil issues with the care, attention, and respect they deserve.

I am a skilled trial lawyer and know how judges, prosecutors, and probation officers will view your case. Criminal defense representation in these types of cases can ensure that your rights are protected and that all factors in the incident are reviewed.

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