Federal Crimes

Criminal Defense For Federal Crimes

The Brasuell Law Firm, in Little Rock, has more than a decade of experience handling federal crimes in Arkansas. Defending against federal criminal charges requires a specific knowledge of how federal law enforcement officials handle these cases.

Toney Brasuell is a skilled trial lawyer who understand the complex nature of federal criminal cases. It is important to work with an experienced federal defense attorney if you are being investigated for committing a federal offense.

Federal Drug Charges

The federal prosecutors play a big role in federal cases involving drugs. Federal drug charges are handled differently than other drug crime cases. I can start working on your defense if you are being investigated for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs or any other illicit drug.

Toney Brasuell will protect your rights and guide you through your case. I know what to expect and what action to take to ensure you are getting the highly skilled representation you deserve.

Federal Crimes

I have successfully represented individuals facing a variety of federal charges, including:

Convictions for federal offenses can carry harsh penalties. Charges alone can affect future employment opportunities and your professional goals.

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Do not take federal criminal investigations lightly. You need legal representation immediately if you are being investigated for a federal crime. Federal officials are diligent in their investigations — we will proactively address and investigate all factors in your case.

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